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Letter From The Chairman: 2012 IGF Finalists Now Coming Jan.10th, 15th

Hey all -- a quick note to kick off the New Year: the 2012 Independent Games Festival finalist announcements will now be made on Tuesday, January 10th for the Main Competition, and Sunday, January 15th for the Student Competition.

The reason? We're taking extra time & effort to make sure that mobile (iOS, Android and other) contenders are given proper consideration in all categories alongside their PC and console counterparts, and aren't just limited to their own section -- the reason we integrated them into the main festival to begin with.

As anyone that's worked with pre-release mobile game distribution or has been reading the news recently will tell you, it's not the easiest process in the world to coordinate, thanks to UDID complexities.

This is especially true on a large scale -- but we feel like it's one worth undertaking properly to give equal consideration to every game in the festival for each of our standalone juries. Apologies if this extends the 'waiting' agony for some, but we'll sure it will be worth it. Please contact us if you have any questions, and thanks again to everyone for their support of the IGF.

- IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer