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4 For Adventure
Savannah College of Art and Design

"4 For Adventure" is a cooperative, fantasy-themed sidescroller for up to four players. There are four different characters to choose from, all of whom have their own very specific stats and abilities. What makes 4 For Adventure unique, however, is its Combo system, whereby the abilities of each character can combine in real-time to create completely new effects, thus giving well-coordinated groups the chance to strategize and maximize their potential.

A Corny Voyage
The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment

A little scared piece of corn is blasting through shit at high speed in the human intestines! Can you manage to get out in time, or will you be violently digested? Remember one thing: When you see the anus, the end is near – and you’re victorious!

A wormhole story

A 2D platformer with an ingenious twist in the gameplay, forcing the player to rethink how they view the environments of the game.

Fundaci UPC

Get into the exciting world of Agedya, where you will experience walking through vast and bucolic lands, set in a 19th century-like era. A great adventure awaits you through the eyes of Keith, a young man with an important mission to fulfil, of which he knows nothing yet.

Travel through a world full of dangers, where Keith will have to make impossible jumps to get to unreachable areas and fight in epic and intense battles against merciless enemies.

Agedya is a 3rd person action adventure game with great platform puzzles, intense one-on-one sword fights and even some shooting. Keith will have to use all his Parkour abilities to solve the puzzles, which can many times be done in various different ways. Both Keith and the enemies have rifles to be able to shoot each other before engaging into close combat sword fighting, which has an innovative control system and spectacular special finishing moves.

Go now and begin your Agedya adventure right away!


AIFighter is a two player action game where each player trains an AI student to fight against the other player. The AI students learn by watching their human teacher fight the opposing AI student.

See my blog on the game creation process at

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Akrasia is a single-player game that challenges game conventions and is intended to make the player think and reflect. It is based on the abstract concept of addiction, which is expressed metaphorically throughout the game.

The game is set in a maze that represents the mind. The maze has two states a normal and a psychedelic state. To enter the game, the player collects a pill-shaped object and thus enters the game as "addict". From "chasing the dragon" to working through "cold turkey", this game models the essential dimensions of the addiction gestalt as identified by its creators.

Someone who tries to shake the habit as quickly as possible will find herself in a different situation at the end of the game than someone who indulged in chasing the high. The interpretation of the game is different depending on how the game is played.

The game is meant to be played several times until all the connections between its various elements are decoded and its underlying meaning reveal...

London South Bank University

This is my final year project that I directed, designed and produced. Built using the Source engine (Half-Life 2: Episode 2). The game features professional voice actors and a fun, strange story. Features great action and challenging puzzles. "A new cult has started in a small town, offering to take its recruits to a new planet for a greater life. At the local Police Station new recruits Sam and Larry have been tasked with investigating. Once in they discover some strange experiments but must use this technology to get to its leader and arrest him!"

University of Southern California

AquariYum! is a multiplayer asynchronous strategy game best described as a cross between battleship and tower defense. The game consists of player one drawing a custom path for their fish and then sending it to player 2, who will then try to deduce their line and place predators to snack on player 1's fish. AquariYum! is meant to be an addictively simple game that introduces players to the RTS genre. Because players create the paths for their fish, no two challenges will ever be the same!

Armageddon Apocalypse The Revenge
University of Hawai'i

The fallen corpses of alien soldiers are your only defense in this over-the-top space shooter!

As a night shift patrolman on the dark side of the moon, you thought your life couldn't get any worse... until your dog ran away, your girlfriend left you, and you got fired.

Then aliens destroyed the Earth.

Never in the history of the universe has anyone been so pissed-off, and your anger quickly gets the better of you. Literally. Your rage explodes in a physical wave of destructive energy, empowering you with the brutal new abilities to use alien ships as weapons and alien bodies as shields.

You survived the apocalypse, but nobody will survive your revenge!

Alien Apocalypse: The Revenge is a prototype for a WiiWare game.


As the strange Nodes are discovered in deep space, what appears to be a perpetual energy source is uncovered. As various factions struggle for control and the political war threatens to break down into a shooting war, take the helm of Earth United's finest officer Johassen in a new era of warfare. Unlock additional ships and abilities through the course of the campaign. Strive for the highest score during each mission, and spend awarded Mission Points on upgrades for your ships.

Avirnei is a real time strategy game that emphasizes squad-based combat. With up to 7 unit slots and 12 available units, a player has an incredible amount of customization at their fingertips. Each unit can also have 3 equally tactical ability configurations, ensuring that you will rarely fight the same enemy fleet twice. Both LAN and internet multiplayer are fully supported. In addition, a player is fully capable of modding in their own missions using external scenario scripts.

Battle Scarred
University of Ballarat

Nuclear war has devastated the planet. In a savage new world, two factions have arisen, competing for control.

The Judges, on a mission to deliver their justice to the remains of humanity.
The Order, standing for their freedom against the oppression of the Judges.

Intense card battles

Capture territory to dominate your opponent

Build new units at factories to bolster your army

Create your own maps with the map editor

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy

BizarreCraft is a fast-paced, networked real-time strategy game unlike any other. There's no resource gathering, no building construction, and most of all, no death--just two zany factions trying to pull the rug out from under each other with the most bizarre attacks imaginable. Players use standard RTS mouse controls to command their forces of patchwork creatures and jury-rigged machines. The first player to capture the enemy commander and drag him to their own base is the winner!

Ohio University - School of Media Arts and Studies

Blazar is a throwback to classic arcade games. Playing from a top down point of view, the goal of the game is to collapse the universe. You control your ship through eight levels using your tail to either destroy objects or bounce them into your Blazar. When enough cosmic objects are absorbed, you will scale up becoming powerful enough to collect what once destroyed you.

Blazar is known for it's fast paced action oriented gameplay that is quick to pick up and a blast to play. Before you know it you will be well on your way to facilitating the inevitable collapse of the universe.

Bleu Marine
ENJMIN (Ecole Nationale du Jeu et des Medias Interactifs Numriques)

Youre an Hermit crab who is living on a big blue whale. The gigantic animal is usually feeding you with the small algae that grow around her body. Your objective is to play as the whales guardian by helping her when she gets wounded.

Carnegie Mellon University

Bossmen has two simple mechanics: jetpack flight and laser shot. Using only these two mechanics, seven unique boss fights have been designed. In the same minimalistic vein, Bossmen features a retro 3D art style with an all chiptune soundtrack.

Btes noires

A sandbox where you can create monsters, watch them grow and make a kind of music with them.

St. Mary's College of Maryland

BubbleBlow is a 2D arcade game in which you compete to best your own score. Maneuver bubbles around obstacles using the indirect control of "blowers" to achieve a high score.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Bump is a high velocity bump-fest. Jump into the driver's seat of your speedy bumpcraft and launch through over a dozen crazy arenas. Drive near the point balls to draw them in, then dash through the goal to score 'em before the other competitors can. The bumper action gets furious when enemy bumpcrafts chase you down and steal your balls, then work together to out-score you. You'll face sneaky collectors who always try to score when you aren't looking, aggressive bullies always aiming for a head-on collision with you, and bombcrafts with explosive personalities who can blow you clear out of the arena. When there are too many to out-maneuver with your sweet dash or u-turn skills, bump 'em back with your own rechargable bumpwave that sends other bumpcrafts reeling. Finally, when the friction-free frenzy gets more intense, collect boost balls for insane powers including an impenetrable forcefield, an all-ball consuming black-hole, and even the power to collect the other bumpcrafts and sc...

Swinburne University of Technology

CarbonECO is an online educational game which is designed to give players a clear understanding of the causes of climate change, particularly those related to carbon dioxide emissions produced by residential properties. It also educates players about actions they can take to reduce their carbon emissions, thus empowering them and reinforcing the notion that one person can make a difference.

Players must maintain a carbon neutral, happy home for a year. The player uses the mouse to turn appliances on or off, thereby affecting the carbon emission and happiness levels, which in turn influence their monthly bills. They are given a monthly income that can be used to purchase energy saving devices to thus offset their emissions and increase their happiness simultaneously. Players work to balance carbon neutral emissions produced by their characters in the house with household harmony and happiness.

DeVry University

CellZenith gameplay is based on intense battles between CELs, futuristic advanced combat craft. Expect to experience heated, close-up engagements where survival will seem like a distant dream. You lead a team of 35 unique CEL units along with your captain in a larger more powerful Carrier CEL (which can be boarded and piloted). CellZenith' vast levels will include objective tasks all while engaging an onslaught of fierce enemies. Every CEL has the ability to move in any direction while simultaneously shooting in another.

When a CEL is destroyed, a number of special upgrades called phyta crystals are generated. Nearby CELs can collect these to gain shields, health, firepower, and other temporary abilities 15 in total. They can be used to obtain one of 19 unique secondary weapons as well. When enough white phyta crystals are collected, upgraded versions of the CEL are attainable that will give you a tactical advantage and new permanent upgrades.

CellZenith features a campai...

Ohio University

You control master color magician Roy G. Biv on his quest to return the world to balance after your backstabbing apprentice takes the Tome of Ultimate Color! Play through three complex levels and fight your way to the end of this adventure through the use of magic and cunning.

City Rain Building Sustainability
Universidade Estadual Paulista

City Rain Building Sustainability is an interdisciplinary project of Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) / Brazil, involving students from different graduation courses: Computer Science, Music, Design and Radio & TV.
Can you imagine a mix of Tetris and Sim City? We, from Mother Gaia Studio, have already done that, adding to this game a flavor of ecology too.
In this fun and exciting game, the player joins the unique experience of being a mayor of a city that, like all others, grows in an unpredictable way. As the mayor, the player will be challenged to take fast decisions that provide sustainable development and quality of life to its residents, scoring more and staying more time in the mayors seat.
Complicated? Not a bit! City Rain has simple mechanics: the building fall from de sky, or rain, randomly and its the players duty to choose where the best place to put them is.
But dont think that the player is all alone in this task. He can count on Catherine, who will help ...

Clock of Atonement
Carnegie Mellon University

You are a stalker who is given a chance to go back in time and stop yourself from killing the woman you loved. You have a clock that allows you to control time and you can manipulate objects in the environment to indirectly manipulate the outcome of events.

Victoria University of Wellington

Set in a steampunk inspired world, Zinc must use his ability to manipulate objects with magnetic fields to navigate the clockwork underbelly of a mysterious island. The player will use the game's physics system to solve puzzles and discover the truth of the island.

Cloud Guardian
School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Cloud Guardian is an immersive single-player 3D casual game in which the player has to shape Astro Orb to match the shapes of the holes in the clouds in order to fix them. The closer the match, the more points you get. It is targeted for casual players of all ages looking to have fun while being challenged. Any player who likes puzzles and possesses both quick thinking and good hand-eye coordination will find the game appealing.

The unique selling points of this game include the unique immersive gameplay of shaping the orb to fit hole shapes, the usage of soft body Physics for visually appealing motions and the ability to blow and speak into the microphone to control the orb.

Compound Reaction
North Carolina State University

Compound Reaction is a Serious Game that combines gameplay with educational information, allowing the game to teach while being really fun to play.

An astronaut is forced to make an emergency landing on a forgotten planet into an abandoned biodome known as The Compound. It is completely closed-off, save for the lab housing a giant microscope. As the astronaut, you’ll search for chemical compounds to form powerful reactants that are the keys to solving the puzzles in the biodome. By adding chemicals into the microscope, you’ll enter the atomic world in the Nanoship and must blast molecules apart to recombine them into new substances. You will find upgrades to improve the Nanoship, meet the solitary robot left in the biodome, and discover the tragic past of its former inhabitants. It will take all your skills to discover, survive, and escape from The Compound.


Conira is a 3D space shooter where the player attempts to protect several children from the attacking enemies. The pace of the enemies attack however, is based on the rhythm of the music currently being played, which can be uploaded by the user. Also, the enemies body form is dynamic, growing and recombining while the game is being played.

The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment

The Crystal Universe is ending. Destructive energy is spawning chaos beings, who are seeking to destroy the once so peaceful place. In the very last moment before the final collapse, the greatest crystals use their residual energy to create an avatar.

Cubes of Serenity
IT-Universitetet i Kbenhavn

Cubes of Serenity is a third person 3d puzzle-horror game. The protagonist awakens within a claustrophobic room with no knowledge of what is going on. From there the player must guide the protagonist through various puzzles in order to advance to the next room. Cubes of Serenity took much of its inspiration from the idea of being trapped within a rubrics cube, and the movie Cube.

Dango Skewer
Game Academy

Dango of Dango Skewer means a Japanese traditional food. Dango Skewer is a game where the player serves this round marble-looking food sold on a skewer in the shape the customer wants.

Dark Room Sex Game
IT University of Copenhagen

Dark Room Sex Game is an erotic multiplayer rhythm game without any graphics, played only by audio and haptic cues. The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard.

In Dark Room Sex Game, the player works with his or her partner to find a mutual rhythm, then speeds up gradually until climax. In four-player "orgy" mode, players swap partners randomly and compete to reach orgasm the fastest.

The idea was that a sex game would in fact be even more erotic if it stripped away all visuals and forced players to use their imaginations. Our hope was to use a combination of humor and embarrassment to make players uncomfortable, yet strangely satisfied. Our aim was to get players looking at each other, rather than the television screen.

One could view the game as a commentary on the dull fixation on visuals in the spheres of sex and also videogames. Or, you can just view it as a cool party game.

Dark Room Sex Game began its sordid life as a project for the 2008 ...

De Menezes International
IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

De Menezes International is a multiplayer political Unreal 3 mod about terrorism, surveillance, and paranoia. The game focuses on everyday civilians in a simulated airport, and explores how people treat each other in the post 9/11 world.

In each round, the goal is amass the most points by completing your personal tasks and making your flight. But theres a twist: theres a chance that one player is a terrorist, working to sneak a bomb onto the plane. In addition, a few players play as police agents who must watch the citizens and try to stop the terrorist if there even is one.

If the plane ends up exploding, the civilians are given a major point deduction. For this reason, civilians are strongly incentivized to watch one another and report suspicious behavior. The critical gameplay element that makes the paranoia work is the difficulty in distinguishing between civilian and terrorist actions.

Inspired by psychological games like Mafia and Shadows Over Camelot, the core game...

Deep Sea Deli
Ohio University

Deep Sea Deli is a casual game that strives to be as fun, approachable, and weird as its creators. Players play as a Narwhal named Philip working at an undersea deli and making sandwiches for the hungry aquatic hoards.

To clarify a later question, Deep Sea Deli started as a personal project and was then given course credit.

Delta Strike
University of Applied Sciences Campus Hagenberg

Delta Strike is a multiplayer online real-time strategy game that can be played in any browser. It takes place in the early age of human space combat. In an isometric perspective the player controls space vessels, fights other players and has to achieve various mission objectives. Among others, the players attention is drawn to the game plays tactical finesses, the detailed graphics and many other convincing elements of the Delta Strike universe.
Delta Strike is based on Adobe Flash and is a blend of casual and skill game. It focuses on the competition between players and can be played at any time in any web browser an internet connection provided.

Indiana University

A group of outcast aliens have landed on Earth in seek of refuge, the only problem is they're not much of the carpenter type.
Build them their home in this unique puzzle-action, and see if it can stand up to the elements!

Dish Washington
The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment

Dish Washington is a funkalicious first person dish washing wonder!
Enter the head of the funky crocodile Dish Washington and experience dish washing turn into a party. Get groovy to the beat, grab you brush and boogie those stains back to the Stone Age.
No stain, no game!

Endless Wave
Full Sail University

Endless Wave is a fast-paced game of sound and color. Control sound to destroy enemies to hear each level's unique songs--get hit, and the music stops. Try to target enemies and match their colors in increasing difficult patterns and harmonies to hear the music and get a high score!

Escape From Ithuria
The Guildhall At SMU

When an ambitious alchemist summons three college students to her magical world, nothing is certain! With the help of powerful artifacts, Alexa, her brother Sergio and their friend Gavin gain unique powers. They must shoot, swing, and shrink their way towards solving fiendish puzzles and defeating hordes of magical constructs. Can they find the portal home or will they be trapped in Ithuria forever?
This innovative three-player cooperative puzzle platformer takes the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine to worlds never before imagined. Intense action, exploration, and puzzling combine to form the perfect gameplay experience. Play it again and again as different characters to find new places to explore, new enemies to defeat, and a new role in every puzzle. Ithuria awaits!

sogang game education center

Eyeless is a sound maze game.
The gamer must escape the maze by following the 3D sound music that is played from a stereo speaker.
To emphasis our game sound, we've excluded all actual images.
And to be easily played by the blind, we presented all of the game with sounds.
At first, the game is very difficult to 'non-blind' people.
But as time goes by, they will 'see' their environs with the game sounds.
That is the core idea of this game.

The story of our game is about the cruel truth behind lies.
It starts with our hero meeting the snail in his ears and going into his dark subconscious.
He hears many sounds and voices in this darkness and at the end, the snail demands to select between truth and lies.
The game represents the irony that many people hide their truth behind sweet words.

Zurich University of the Arts

FEIST takes you onto a journey over high mountains and through deep forests. The trail isn't told to be an easy one. Mad foes and vicious vegetation linger besides the dirt tracks. Only with cleverness and by taking risks you might find the power to reach the end of your journey.

Starting from interaction with the world through movement, interacting with inanimate objects, opening doors and operating elevators to engaging other creatures running, throwing, spitting and flying, there's much to explore and discover. Find your way through the obstacles and decide how you want to travel through the world of FEIST. From shaking off other creatures, fighting them head on or trying to get them fight each other, everything is possible.

All creatures in FEIST search independently for targets and act autonomously. The course of the game is subject to a constant change, evolves into ever changing directions each time the game is played and therefore makes room for the unexpected. FEIST does...

University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media Division

A game about balance, Flora is a puzzle game with a goal of restoring life to a ruined landscape. The player guides the return of plant life to the environment, while at the same time combating the effects of pests, time and man. The game's journey will begin in the dust bowls of Great Depression-era America and venture into urban centers devoid of vegetation and life.

Flora and Fauna
University of Illinois

What is it like to live as a flower? Lost in an endless sea of grass, drinking sunshine, and bathing in raindrops.
What is it like to flutter as a butterfly? Flying from flower to flower, fighting the wind, and spreading pollen.

University of Southern California - Interactive Media Division

FREEFALL is a game that defies categorization. It puts you in the shoes of an individual plummeting towards the earth. Rather than demand you scramble to keep your avatar alive, FREEFALL asks for reflection, and amidst the chaos of looming death evokes peace. To help convey this sublime peace, FREEFALL employs a unique movement mechanic. Using the Xbox 360 controller, with each analog stick a limb, players move the avatars arms up and down, spinning him through the air and navigating him forward. The controls are also unique in that as the player progresses through the game, he will find that it is harder to navigate the avatar due to increasing inertia. This not only serves the flow of the game, keeping the player challenged, but it creates a growing sense of tension that is ultimately released, creating a singular moment of relief. Our goal for the project was to design a game that creates a sense of the sublime, as well as a game that explores the narrative possibilities of the med...

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

Freematch is a color-matching puzzle game with elements of Tetris and Snood. The object of the game is to create as many groups of at least 4, 5 or 6 (depending on difficulty level) same-color hexagons, thus removing them from play and scoring points. New hexagons are constantly created and added to the playing field. When the field becomes too large, the game ends.

Friendly Bob

"Friendly" third person arcade shooter.

hoseo university

This game is basically Rhythm Action Game But widely different.
First, Player can move freely character on stage and can choose freely the beat or motion.
So other than the rhythm game is free and can play a strategic game.
Second, Hip-hop concert was staged on the same stage.
So Player can feel music and Hip-hop performance
Finally this game has a strong scenario
2pac and the conflict between his friends friendship, which is back
For this reason, this game has evolved to do is make sure than similar genre game

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Froggle is a 3D adventure-platformer currently being developed by four programmers and three artists at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The player controls a small frog-like creature that can use his extraordinarily long tongue to grapple, bounce and swing around a world of beautiful terrariums. Navigate and explore a variety of picturesque environments, complete different sets of entertaining challenges, all while licking flies and flicking other froggles. The interactive cartoon world of Froggle comes to life as you discover where your tongue can take you.

Garden of Zeus
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Once upon a time, Zeus gazed upon the earth and saw the flowers growing there filled with life and energy. One fine day, alien invaders arrive and begin harvesting the energy from the flowers for some unknown insidious plan. This enrages Zeus and he plans to protect the flowers at any cost.

We have produced an experimental casual game that explores the possibilities of a rotating platform game that uses multiple user interfaces to interact with the environment. The game is an entertaining way to hone your reflexes and force your brain to multi-task.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

glitch is a First Person Shooter based in a unique environment where the entire world and everything in it is constantly shifting and changing shapes. The world is made out of hundreds of shifting and moving columns and the enemies and weapons are made entirely out of thousands of individual particles that move in interesting and mysterious ways.

God Blessed

In God blessed, the player can use several natural powers to help a little boy walk through the twisty path of life.
The character gets older as he crosses the four seasons. The player has to help him advance from Spring to Winter.

One of the rules given by our school for the projects was that there must be a complete interactive experience in 10 minutes. We had the idea to use these 10 minutes as a metaphor of life in the game. That's why the character begins as a child and ends as an old man. At the same time, we wanted to try to create an emotional experience in only ten minutes, we used in this goal a very important music, an original graphical design and a little storyline.

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