Student Entrant 2017

University of Utah
Team Bros


A virus has spread throughout an automated robot assembly factory, causing the entire production of robots to go rogue. The player takes the role of two robots named BURT (Battery Utility Robot Transporter) and IRN-E (Industrial Reparative Net-Engineer), who are the only ones unaffected by the virus. BURT is a moving battery robot who transports and supplies energy while IRN-E is a custodial robot who keeps the facilities maintained. These two must work together by making use of their functions to gather any spare batteries strewn throughout the factory so they can fight their way out.

This sci-fi robot shooter is a spin on the classic arcade rail shooter by adding in strategic planning in which you lay down your rails before you grab your gun. The gameplay is split in two phases: planning and action. When planning, you take the role of BURT by plotting your route of escape on a 2D map and picking up batteries along the way. In the action phase, you take the role of IRN-E by exploring the 3D map, picking up weapons and items and shooting down rogue robots that impede BURT's path. The completion of each level is dependent on the cooperation of the robot duo as BURT provides the power while IRN-E provides the protection.