Entrant 2017

W3 Studios


Obliterate players one on one using Heroic abilities or Command large armies to conquer the galactic battlefield. Abatron is a new genre of gaming that you have to experience. We take the intense action from shooter games and combine lightweight strategy to mash them into an adrenaline pumping multiplayer battle arena.

The objective is to destroy the enemy manasphere by any means necessary. Jump into and play as any unit you create as a Hero which levels up to unlock special battlefield abilities. At any time, switch to commander mode to build defenses, create more units, or support other teammates.

W3 Studios is a three generation game developer who wants to unify the gaming world and break genre labels. We plan on releasing Abatron on Early Access early 2017 and currently offer a free demo to play on Steam. Join our community today! https://discord.gg/Bbycgmz