Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery

Entrant 2013



Horatio Hawk has stolen a priceless artifact from a Mayan temple, and it is up to you to stop that dirty bird before he can escape! You'll have to explore every nook and cranny for weapons, abilities and extra lives if you are to have any hope of success...each level is full of dangerous critters (not to mention brutish bosses!), all with an appetite for monkey blood!

The Mayan Mystery is heavily inspired by my favourite game as a kid: Metroid. The challenge is high, the pixels are unapologetic, and it's my hope that if you were glued to your tv trying to find your way through the labyrinthine caverns of Zebes, the experience of navigating the crumbling Mayan hallways will ignite your sense of nostalgia.

To help this sense of nostalgia, I've also created an instruction manual for the game with drawings of all the enemies and bosses, along with secret information to help guide you on your quest! :)