Entrant 2014



Become Death, the grim reaper, and dive through a mythological multiverse to reclaim Death's stolen scythe. Precision control over jump angles gives you the power to make your own path through each afterlife. Rely on reflexes and rapid angle changes or approach levels as a puzzle of angles to be solved with foresight - choose your own path as you hunt for the scythe and recapture escaped souls.

Whether it's curiosity and exploration, risk-taking, or the speed of a psychedelic rollercoaster, each world is designed to emphasize a different gameplay theme. I recreated the experience I had gaming with college roommates, passing the controller around on different levels that matched each person's individual style. Afterdeath's 26-track soundtrack was composed to bring the personality of each world to life and to synchronize the player with the rhythm of each level. I hope you like it!