Agon and Alea: Illusion

Student Entrant 2013

Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong
Gaming Imperatrix


Have you ever played Jinga? Agon and Alea: Illusion is a little like that. Only instead of playing with an unsteady block tower, you're playing with Augmented Reality on an iPad. Agon and Alea: Illusion puts you and your family members in the role of well-meaning helpers who are trying to assist a clueless miniature hero collect some magical orbs before he- or you- accidentally break the illusion that keeps him bound to this world.

Agon and Alea: Illusion is a game about cooperation, strategy, problem solving, communication, and catastrophes. Will you be the one holding the iPad, or trying to push around the character? Maybe you'll be in the background offering advice? Or manipulating the portals?

Whatever your role, try not to break the Illusion!