All the Delicate Duplicates

Entrant 2018

Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell


All The Delicate Duplicates is a short single player first-person narrative game that toys with the concept of time: reality isn't stable or linear here, but unfurls across a storyworld that bends, flexes and (in some instances) duplicates.

John, a computer engineer and single father, inherits a collection of arcane objects from Mo, his mysterious relative. Over time, John and his daughter Charlotte begin to realise that these objects have unusual physical properties – and that the more they are exposed to them, the more their reality and memories appear to change.

_Main Mechanics_
All the Delicate Duplicates is a PC game - containing a non-linear 'Back [+Forth] Story' – that uses familiar FPS game mechanics to allow free roam around (often surreal) interactive environments. Using a mouse and keyboard and/or gamepad, players explore objects, diaries, journals, newspaper cuttings, mobile phones, laptops and other items left behind by the work's characters, helping to piece together an elastically fragmented storyline.