Alphie the Squid

Entrant 2015

Crystal Entertainment


Join Alphie, a cute baby squid, as he embarks on his life adventure to become a giant squid. Explore the wondrous ocean, its tidal pool, coral reef and depths by riding currents, beating sharks, navigating mazes and growing all the time. Enjoy the vibrant art, funny animation, immersive game play and beautiful music. Help Alphie eat and grow by touching the screen to lead him to swim and explore the ocean, discovering mysterious sea creatures. As you move through each level of ocean, collect all different types of food and fish. Help Alphie dodge, ink, and trap predators. As you strategize to survive, hypnotize your prey and camouflage yourself in colorful seaweeds. Quick reflexes will help you navigate through the mazes and evade attacks from unfriendly creatures. In each level you need to eat enough to keep growing to pass through two current gates. Earn extra points by finding gold treasure chests and uncovering treasure fish! For high score, earn even more points by eating lots of fish consecutively. As you meet new prey and predators, be sure to check the gallery and read the fun facts highlighting the diversity of sea creatures in the game. The game is scored by award winning and Emmy nominated composer David Ari Leon, whose original scores for game titles include Superman, Snoopy Coaster, Contre Jour and Woody Woodpecker.