Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space

Entrant 2016

Cosmic Picnic


Be amazed in how well exploration, astrophysics and platforming blend together as you travel across space to discover wonderful new worlds in this colorful combat-free game.

An untimely reboot of your navigation computer leaves you in search of your home world with limited fuel reserves. So get creative and let gravity be your guide to saving fuel. Also, don't be afraid to let your legs get some of that much-needed workout as you search for clues to get you closer to home.

Features & Stuff
- Gameplay built around exploration and physics
- Hand drawn art and handcrafted game engine
- Newtonian spaceflight with the ship and platformer gameplay with the astronaut
- Procedurally generated worlds
- Comprehensive physical simulation of entire solar systems
- Rouge-like elements
- No weapons or killing (though horrible accidents may occur)