Student Entrant 2016

Rochester Institute of Technology
FriendCannon Studios


Amirelia is a cooperative exploration and puzzle solving game that encourages players to discover a deeper meaning of friendship. The players control two characters that can interact with the world and each other in a number of ways, but the core mechanic focuses on the connection between the players. This connection, this bond between friends, is represented by a physical, rope-like link which can be used to manipulate objects.

In addition to this exploration of friendship, Amirelia also has a set of emotional targets it aims to hit beyond being fun and interesting. It seeks to evoke feelings of playfulness, affection, intimacy and connectedness through the various areas the players can explore. The world is designed to offer a different experience for every set of players, and can be played through multiple times with players trying out new paths that they didn't get to see the first time.