Ancient Escape

Student Entrant 2013

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


Ancient Escape is platformer game that will bring the player into amazing ancient environment.
In this game, the player need to avoid all obstacles along the way of doing the main objective. The main objective is we need to get all of the gems spread around each level. You need to get all of the gems in order to open the door leading the player to the next level. Awesome background sound will also brings up some unique harmony you would not experience in other games.

- You Only Live Once:
In this game the player only have one chance to escape but surely you will have unlimited number of tries.

- Using Stage3d Technology
You will able to experience the variety of particles, especially the magnificent fire.

- More than 28 challenging levels
In total there will be 30 levels in this game, so be ready to escape!

- Great Backsound
The player will surely experiencing some ancient atmosphere because of this aspect.

Have Fun!