Anomaly 1729

Entrant 2016

Anvil Drop


Anomaly 1729 is a coming of age story set in an ever changing world. It centers around two characters, Ano and Yuler. Ano (the player character) is a newly self-aware robot wandering through a seemingly endless world of abstract structures and forces, with the strange ability to manipulate the world around him using a device that's a part of his arm. Yuler is the ruler of this complex, shifting environment, a being capable of reconfiguring the world, known as Phiohm, into any structure. Yuler created Ano as a servile automaton entity to help Yuler build Phiohm. However, at first the two cannot communicate with each other, and Ano must discover what he can do, why he was created, and what the intentions of Yuler and Phiohm are by exploring its inner workings, and changing a few things.