Apothecary Adventure

Student Entrant 2013

Full Sail University
4am Designs


Journey from the lush forests of your homeland to the dark fiery depths of the ancient ruins located near an active volcano. In your travels you attempt to discover the secret formula to the mysterious Elixir of Life. The recipe has been broken into six pieces and scattered throughout the land. Only by collecting all six parts can you discover the way to cheat death.

Help our hero, Al, to discover the secret formula to the Elixir of Life. Lost to the ages from a time when powerful alchemists ruled the land. Al seeks to rediscover the ancient recipe and use it to escape death.

Join him as he battles crazed Hedge-Hogs, gigantic Iron Golems, and fierce Rock Swarms that will not rest until they stop Al's quest. The world presents no less a threat as it is filled out countless challenges.

Harness the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning inside a potion bottle to overcome your enemies. Or take a drink of Wish or High Jump to empower yourself with their secret attributes.