Entrant 2015

A Stranger Gravity


Lying on your back in a warm grassy field, you watch birds flit between the clouds above.

Apsis is a playful and emotive experience about a flock of birds. You start with a single bird high above the ground. Guide the bird through the sky with your touch or a mouse, exploring the world and finding other birds to join you. Your flock grows as you travel across the beautiful skies of a far-off land and create an expressive story without words.

Apsis is a bit of a love letter to the games we'd like to see made: games that aren't about winning, scoring, conquering or even necessarily making progress. We want you to sit down to wrap yourself in a short journey and return to your life feeling just a bit better.

We have been honored to showcase Apsis at the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games, Gamercamp 2014, and the 2014 Indie Prize USA, where Apsis was awarded "Most Promising Game".