Student Entrant 2015

Vancouver Film School
Richard Coburn, Ian Longiaru, Valerio Terreri, Dale Schollen


ARC is action horror, first person shooter set in an overgrown, derelict spaceship and developed by four students using Unreal Engine 4.

ARC follows the story of an unnamed Colonist as they are awakened from cryosleep to find their spacecraft seemingly derelict. Not everything is as it seems, however. Adrift for an unknown number of thousands of years, the ships' plant life reserves have broken containment and overgrown the ship from the inside out. Roaming the dark corridors is a powerful new predator, a super-evolved life from derived the ship's animal stock and perfectly adapted to kill. With the assistance of the ship's inept AI systems, the Colonist seeks to survive and uncover the reason for as to why their ship went so horribly off course - and why it may already be too late for salvation.

Mechanical Genre: Action-Horror
Aesthetic Genere: Sci Fi Horror
Number of Players: 1
Play Length: 15 Minutes