ArmaGallant - Decks of Destiny

Entrant 2016

Rock Nano Global


"ArmaGallant - Decks of Destiny", is a real-time-strategy, deck-building hybrid game designed for the game console.

Using a unique approach to RTS with the controller, players can customize their 40-card decks from a selection of over 100 cards of fantastical creatures and powerful spells! There are no limits to what you can put in your deck.

But that's not all! Intuitive controls will allow players to engage in this RTS hybrid like never before! Engage with other players online, in 1-v-1 and 2-v-2 team battles! If you want to test your skills and deck, challenge the varying AI difficulties!

- True deck Customization!
[Put whichever cards you want into your deck, regardless of their element.]
- Strategic Combinations!
[Match up the cards with their effect to pull off devastating damage.]
- Tactical Advantages!
[A Rock-Paper-Scissors system, but also with environmental effects! Hide in thick trees to ambush unsuspecting troops. Flank them from the side or behind to deal critical damage!]