September 17, 2013

IGF China 2013 winners announced

The fifth annual Independent Games Festival China has concluded, after some 250 entries were boiled down to a core 14 finalists, including eight for the main competition, and six student competition entries.

Entrants came from all over Asia and Australasia, from countries as diverse as Singapore, India, Taiwan, Australia, and indeed, China itself. The awards were judged by a team of five veterans, including Richard Tsao of Ubisoft Chengdu, Kevin Li of Tipcat interactive, and IGF chairman emeritus Simon Carless.

The ceremony, held on Monday the 16th in Shanghai, brought these various countries together under one roof, to celebrate the region's innovative spirit. Stage fright upon receipt of awards abounded, but that only added to the endearing nature of the general environment. Indeed, one nominee, Muhammad A.Moniem (Coated), brought his entire family with him to the event.

While only nine of the 14 finalists received awards, all were present at GDC China's IGF pavilion, and were a main attraction during the event's proceedings, alongside GDC China's independent games summit.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2013 IGF China awards: