July 31, 2015

Letter from the Chairman: So Long, And Please Welcome Your New Chair

Hello all, and welcome back for what will be my final IGF update, as we once again open entries for the 2016 Festival. As you will have heard by now, we've just announced that I have decided to step down as Chair, with the incredibly able Kelly Wallick now taking my place to lead the IGF into the future.

It's been just over 5 years since I first accepted the Chair position, and to say that the indie game landscape has changed enormously in that time is an over-obvious understatement. Simply in terms of numbers, the IGF receives well over twice the amount of entries as it did when I took on this role, as the number of both first-time developers and long-time veterans branching off on their own -- hoping to bring something into the world that only they can create -- has risen dramatically.