April 6, 2008

Watch For IGF 2009 Announcements Soon, IndieGames.com Launches Games Of The Month

Firstly, the Independent Games Festival organizers would once again like to thank entrants, judges, GDC attendees and media for making the 2008 Independent Games Festival and Independent Games Summit the best ever. With some major media coverage and a host of well-regarded winners, we're looking forward to making things even better for the 11th Annual IGF - look for announcements in late Spring.

In addition, IGF/GDC parent Think Services has extended its commitment to independent games over at the IndieGames.com Weblog, an independently-run guide to the best indie games being created right now. To further help distribution, IndieGames.com has just added a Game Of The Month feature, highlighting the best pay-to-download PC indie games, whether IGF-entered or not.