Student Entrant 2014

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
Hapa Games


Ascendant is a 2.5D side-scroller that combines the depth and randomness of roguelikes, and the fast-paced action of beat 'em ups. The game's brawler-based combat is designed to keep you dangerously close to the action during each enemy encounter. Elements from the roguelike genre are utilized to allow for character customization, ability combination, and the general awesomeness achieved from dynamically generated content.

You, as the Ascendant, suddenly manifest in a world populated by raging fanatics, devout zealots, and wild beasts, furious at your arrival into their plane. You are a challenge to the rule of the older, tyrannical gods, and they will stop at nothing to eliminate you. The world has succumbed to their might and you must travel through the land gaining strength, enhancing your abilities, and gathering an army of followers to oppose their reign.