Student Entrant 2014

Algonquin College, School of Media and Design
3AM Wizards



Enter a world unlike any you've encountered before. Somewhere in mankind's future sits a grimy neon city named Olympus. In this city you will experience fascinating people and locales in a future metropolis. Join in your characters adventure as you fight in an immersive active battle system. Acquire cash and upgrades to better equip yourself to face the dangers of the city. Intrigue and deception will pull you forward as you make your way from the rundown slums all the way to the corporate heart of Olympus.

Ascension is an action adventure containing RPG elements. Ascension takes place in a Cyberpunk setting and contains elements of classic Western RPGs, narrative adventures and active battles of JRPGs. You will find such things as world and character exploration, objects with which you can interact, and upgrades to purchase.

Ascension is a story cut into three acts, Episode 1 is the first one of those. This submission is the tutorial of that episode.

Unique Features
-The game features a unique mix of action and RPG elements to challenge the player's strategy and skill.
- An interactive environment with world objects that the player can manipulate.
- Characters have lives that happen around you. An AI scheduler ensures the city of Olympus is always alive and its people always have something to do.

The Location
The city of Olympus is the locale for the game (Seattle is the blueprint for the city). All gameplay takes place within the city with the exception of the OverNet which the PC will enter during various parts of the story. The OverNet is a physical manifestation of what our current Internet is like. Episode 1 takes place in the Humanist Ghetto and contains three large playable areas.

Humanist Ghetto: (Contemporary: like slums and rundown areas of large cities, Abandoned Detroit city centre, mixed with New York brick structures and Brazilian favelas). A place where marginalized members of the city's populace find themselves. Those who do not wish to undergo retro-fitting (a process of mechanical augmentation often required to find employment), criminals, and outcasts all find themselves here.
- Slum Street, Cronus' office. Locations of interest: Detective's office and game start, a seedy underground bar, an abandoned subway entrance, a gang's headquarters, a destroyed freeway, the city sector gate, and a slum market.