Per Aspera

Entrant 2021

Tlön Industries


Per Aspera is a planetary simulation experience that combines hard science fiction and base building yet takes the experience planet-wide. Take on the role of AMI, an Artificial Consciousness with the primary directive of terraforming Mars for human colonization. Accept the monumental challenge of building a new civilisation upon the blank canvas of Mars, modelled on geographical data from NASA.

By gathering and managing a deep pool of planetary resources, ensure humanity's continued growth on Mars by terraforming its surface by way of extreme and experimental measures. Forge and test relationships with the human colonists that look to you for their continued survival — the choices you make will impact how your mission concludes.

Keep your wits about you as this is not the first attempt to tame the Red Planet. Expose long forgotten relics of Humanity's failed attempts, learn from their past mistakes, and uncover a looming menace that threatens to see you fail at any cost.