Assassin: The Game for LyteShot Platform

Entrant 2015



The LyteShot Platform
LyteShot is a new kind of mobile gaming system. Using sensor-based peripherals that work with your smartphone or smart glass, LyteShot takes gaming out of the living room and brings it into the real world. The LyteShot platform consists of the Lyter handheld device, the LytePuck receiver, which is worn by each player and, if desired, the player's choice of peripherals: the LyteGun, LyteWand, LyteDagger and many more. The Lyter handheld device and LytePuck sensor connect with your mobile device to transmit game data to other players via the cloud. Depending on the game, the LyteShot system can, for example, send a virtual antidote to a poisoned comrade, deliver a deadly blow to an enemy, or locate a key to unlock a virtual treasure. Through the pull of a trigger, the Lyter sends out a beam to the LytePuck that carries commands to trigger any of these responses (and so many more). Once the LytePuck receives a command, it reacts by lighting up or vibrating, alerting the player who is wearing the LytePuck to the in-game response. This command also gets sent instantaneously through the cloud to all the players' mobile devices so everyone gets the most up to date game stats, messages, and any other type of real time information.

Assassin: The Game
With the launch of the platform, LyteShot proudly presents its first game of many called Assassin: The Game. To play, you organize a game right from your smartphone. The first thing you do is set up your unique game rules. For example, you can set the game timeframe, geo-boundaries, special functions to make the game more complex like respawning, late entry, cool-down clock, penalties, and more. You also have the option to make your game public and allow anyone in the area to join. Once your invited friends accept their invites, you hit the play button on your smartphone and receive your target's dossier with a mugshot. Your mission is to find and eliminate this target by finding the target and igniting their LytePuck with your Lyter. Your challenge is to do this before your Assassin finds and eliminates you. Paranoia will escalate quickly in this game since the identity of your Assassin is unknown and has the ability to take you out with a long range hit, or score more points with a close proximity hit. Once you find and eliminate your target, the LyteShot app system will automatically update the game status and you will immediately be given your next target from the players left remaining in the game. The game ends when the last Assassin eliminates their last target.