Astronaut: The Best

Entrant 2019

Universal Happymaker


Astronaut: The Best is a narrative/strategy game about running a proper space academy using hard work, lies, and witchcraft. Traditionally, the space race is thought of as a gauche way to kill dogs using explosives, but you are expected to conduct your program with class (or be left dead in a ditch).

Astronaut: The Best endeavors to hit the sweet spot halfway between narrative choice-making games and management simulations, using procedural narrative techniques and surreal comedy to constantly surprise players. Its simple UI and focus on story present an accessible experience without sacrificing strategic depth.

* Enjoy having too much power over the lives of fake astronauts with complex personalities.
* Suffer the unwanted imposition of tabloids, televised experts, and the Five High Priests of Flaustria.
* A pleasant cartoon silliness coats the worldview-shattering consequence of your every decision.
* Like a Stanford Prison Experiment where no one can see what you've done.