Student Entrant 2016

Michigan State Univeristy
Best Dam-Game Company


In the distant future Humanity grew into a great and prosperous civilization. The population boomed and giant megacities were erected as monuments to their great society. Everything was great, until the Fall. No one really can say for sure what caused it, but at the height of humanities rule a global catastrophe wiped out most of the population and reshaped the world as they knew it. The landscape changed rapidly and seemingly unexplainably. the ever changing climate and hostile conditions of this new world was devastating. The few remaining fragments of society plunged into chaos.

Players take control of rival treasure hunters, forced to work together by the mysterious ATLS system. The unlikely duo will make their way through a world torn asunder, trying to locate a powerful technological artifact referred to only as the Key. In this Co-op Arcade Beat'em up, players must hack, slash, and shoot their way through waves of enemies, working together to traverse an ever changing landscape on their quest to obtain the Key. While each needs the other to survive this dangerous world, one simple fact looms constantly overhead: There is only one Key, what will happen to their tenuous pact if they actually find it?