Attack of the Evil Poop

Entrant 2019

Ascend Digitally (Alejandro Navarro solo dev)


"Attack of the Evil Poop" is a very controversial and hilarious videogame created by a solo dev, Alejandro Navarro, to raise awareness about our eating habits, where Nick, who is the main character , is a chubby writer that travels to Latin America to find some inspiration for his next book, from which his future depends on.
As he falls in love with a chilean girl called Ana, he decides to get into shape, trying different solutions without good results, but one last thing will be very effective, more than every other solution he could ever imagine…

"Attack of the Evil Poop" is a work in progress game for Windows (Steam) by the moment, that mixes perfectly different game genres such as: F.P.S. (First Person Shooter), clicker, on-rails shooter and Q.T.E. (Quick Time Event) among others, with humor for children and teens but with different layers of understanding making it enjoyable for grown ups too (because some sex and drugs related jokes that only an adult would understand).