Student Entrant 2014

Universidad de Guanajuato/CIMAT
GameCoder Studios


Attractio is an indie first-person puzzle game developed with the GC Engine (GameCoder Studios' in-house engine) where the player has to solve challenging puzzles manipulating gravity. These puzzles challenge the usual way of thinking about physics and gravity. In Attractio each object have its own gravity direction which can be changed by the player.

The interaction between objects with different gravity directions presents various possibilities. Thus, the player can solve in many ways each of the different puzzles across the game.


Millions of inhabitants of the Solar System look forward to the new season of the controversial reality show: Attractio. In this reality show, the contestants solve deadly puzzles knowing there is a high probability of not leaving alive. However, the winner will choose the Grand Prize: money, technology or even their freedom.

Dalek, Keir and Mia were chosen as the contestants for this season of Attractio. Each one will have to solve different deadly puzzles using gadgets that allows them to manipulate gravity. Little is known about the contestants' past, but as is usual in every season, the spectators will learn more about them during the contest. But there is something new: one of them knows something that will change Attractio forever...