Austin's Awesome Adventure

Student Entrant 2013

Michigan State University
Team Triple A


In Austin's Awesome Adventure Austin awakes in a hotel room as his kid sister, Amy, frantically pounds on the door to wake him up. His worst fear is coming true: he is alone in the dark. Austin must explore the room to find a way out, but once he does his kid sister spooks him by telling Austin the truth of the hotel: it's haunted by evil ghosts, skeletons, and trolls. Austin must find his parents in the lobby of the hotel before he pees his pants in fear, but before he can do that he needs to explore the dark crevasses to discover weapons such as a box to shield away ghosts, a NERF gun to shoot evil skeletons, and even a teddy bear grenade! Austin's Awesome Adventure is a light-hearted game that can be enjoyed by any gamer who has ever been afraid of the dark or by gamers who simply enjoy old-school gaming at its finest.