Bardic Prologue

Student Entrant 2014

RMIT University
Daniel Kidney


A Bard's life is difficult one - to gain the renown you know you deserve you require Great Heroes so that you may tell tales of their great deeds.
Unfortunately you find yourself in a continent of carrot farmers and rock herders... not really epic material and far beneath your talents. So you journey in search of 'Real Heroes' - but the world seems against you - tree-hugging goblins, orcish raiders, bears and even a red dragon impede your progress. It is about time the local carrot farmers did something useful and dealt with these threats so you could move on and find somebody worthy of your talents.

As a Bard - sing your beguiling songs to magically compel the locals to help you on your way. Sings songs to aid and control them - perhaps some songs of bravery will make them willing to fight against those fearsome beasts they should really just run away from, and songs of strength will to make them hit harder. With just your voice and heartless disregard for the plight of others - move on and find some Heroes to sing tales of. You know you deserve to renowned throughout the land - You are a Bard after all.