Beach Whale

Entrant 2013

Dingle LLC


Play as a whale today! Experience the life of a Beluga, Humpback, Orca, Blue Whale, Whale Shark, or Fat Dolphin in the action-oriented 2D adventure game, Beach Whale.

Control your whale using the tilting your device, surfing waves and riding the tide into the beach to collect fish and other treasures. But be careful, get stuck on the beach without a tide an you might become a beached whale. Explore four different worlds, collecting fish, unlocking new whales, and upgrading your whales to become faster, tougher, and more powerful. Battle against four different powerful bosses and reap the benefits of victory. Play in any of the four game modes, unlocking accessories for your whales and showing off your trophies to your friends.

Beach Whale features detailed graphics, mesmerizing particle effects, silly humor, powerful sound effects, and action packed old school gameplay that both kids and adults will love alike. The game all whale-loving gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived, Beach Whale.