Bear With Me

Entrant 2016

Exordium Games


Help Amber solve the mistery of her missing brother while being chased - a 2D black and white, point and click "horror" noire adventure. Bear With Me (pun intended!) is inspired by the great point and click classics like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, that we we still remember dearly. These games were played among generations, and although it´s hard to plan such greatness for a game, Bear With Me seeks to bring you the same quirky humor, strange adventures and noir fun of familiar titles, set in a black and white "horror" atmosphere.


- Classic point´n´click mechanic, explore the game with movement and interaction,
- Hundreds of items to explore, the mystery unfolds in Amber's house which is full of objects you can interact with,
- Dialogues and interrogations full of puns, sarcastic, dark and funny from start to finish,
- Collect and combine items to solve the case of Amber's missing Brother,
- Play both Amber and her hunter Red giving you the ability to control the non-linear story and make choices on your own.