Behind the Seas

Student Entrant 2021

KADK - Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts | Architecture, Design, Conservation
Anahid Attaran, Ioannis Koutsoukidis


Behind the Seas is an interactive visual novel about home and immigration, inspired by true stories.

Reera is living a life she loves in a country not similar to so many others with its unique beauties and also full of difficulties. Finally, seeking a normal life, Reera decides to immigrate and leaves everything she loves behind. But can she find a normal happy life when her heart is left behind? When she no longer has a "Home"?

Narrative, design, art and development by Anahid Attaran.
Code by Ioannis Koutsoukidis.

Trailer's Music by Musician/Artist: Marjan Farsad - Khooneye Ma (Our Home)