Entrant 2013



Bezircle is a lively single button party-game, where tactical skills will make a difference. Conquer most orbs by 'Bezircling' them before time runs out. Special orbs will boost your performance, triple your score, or unleash their devastating powers on their neighbors. Play as one of four unique characters in one of sixteen special arenas. But keep a close eye on your opponents: before you know, somebody else will steal away your victory!

Bezircle is a highly original game design that was first released during the Global Game Jam in 2012. It features skillful, multiplayer gameplay with a single button control-scheme, and offers a condensed strategic experience in levels that last only two minutes. The basic game mechanics are accessible and elegant, yet simple variations create depth of play that will take some time to master. All the art assets in the game are hand painted and lovingly animated. The game's visual style and attention for detail sets it apart from most games built for the same budget. Nobody can play Bezircle and not feel the love that went into its creation.