Into the Black VR

Student Entrant 2017

National Film and Television School
Naomi Kotler


Into the Black is an immersive, third person, virtual reality adventure about teamwork, instinct and survival. The game features a distinct visual style and boasts an original score. The game has already begun to attract attention from the industry, Hollywood actor Nigel Barber, whose recent credits include Spectre and Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, will be lending his voice as the game's narrator.

Into the Black is set during the infamous wildfires at Yellowstone National Park. The player assumes the role of a spirit guide sent to help a red fox and grizzly bear, who have been thrown together during the chaos of the wildfire and need the player's guidance to help them escape the perils of the inferno and reach safety.

Only by working together will they survive the long road ahead and stand any chance of being reunited with their families. Along the way they will be tested to their limits as their world is consumed by flames, the fire has put Yellowstone out of balance and forced a mass migration into the hunting grounds of the Druid Wolf pack. As these fearsome predators descend upon their fleeing prey, another lurks in the darkness. Man has come, full of cruelty and bad intention, seeking to turn this disaster into opportunity. If you and your companions are to survive you will need to rely on each other and leave everything behind as you journey into the black.