Blind Road

Entrant 2016

Sandeep Saha (Sandyloisa)


It is required for you to get to the truck. You have got only your car and several upgrades and customisation options for it. Drive your car through the deadly night and beat the phobia to complete the level.

You can only see what is under the influence of light. Drive through the dark road surrounded by woods and complete each level. Upgrade your car skilfully while earning XPs and reach the end before the fuel runs out.

1. Doodle art style.
2. Many upgrades.
3. Thousands of different combinations.
4. Real life physics.
5. Each customisations making the car unique.
6. 10 different body design.
7. 10 different tyre design.
8. Nocturnal environment.
9. High Replayability.
10. 30 initial challenging levels.