Bloom Barrage

Entrant 2021

Faun Lily Studios


A competitive gardening game.
Plant and throw seeds with friends in a pixel art styled action game!

Follow Skip, the energetic mouse lemur, as he progresses to become the Bloom Barrage festival champion.
Compete in various fun objectives to learn planting, skill-shots, and power-ups with Serena, the helpful panda.
Overcome challenges posed by Thoreau, the grumpy iguana and Connie, the sly lynx.
Level up and unlock seed equipment to increase seed projectile speed, plant growth rate, and player movement speed.
10+ hours of game-play
Co-Op – up to 2 players

3 Game Modes
Dodge – hit your opponent with seeds until they run out of hearts.
Race – plant flowers and bring them to your planter boxes faster than your opponent.
Design – draw a picture using flowers.

WIFI- local area network (not over internet)
Story – play co-op with up to 2 players
Versus – play versus mode with up to 4 players
Cross-Play – iOS to Android supported