Boiling Bolt

Entrant 2017

Persistant Studios


Boiling Bolt is a 2D scrolling shooter with breath-taking 3D graphics and stunning PopcornFx effects.

You are a young rebel battling the slavers that took over the world decades ago. You found a ship impregnated with a Boiling Bolt fragment, a mystic relic that finds the source of its power from the creation of the World.

Take on the waves of enemies coming to get you with your arsenal:

A short range Plasma Whip that deals greater amounts of damage with the tip
The Magnetic Field, a zone that deals damages to nearby enemies
The powerful Warp Launcher that creates black holes that distort your enemies in before releasing a devastating explosion.
and more

Choose your weapon wisely; your enemies will come together organized with strategies to take you down. Switch accordingly between your arsenal to surpass them. In case of emergency, you can always use your secret weapon, a time distorting energy that slows everything besides you: the Time Breaker.