Bottom Feeders

Entrant 2013

nobodinos, llc


Bottom Feeders is a Facebook game based on the simple action of plunging a net down from your boat using the mouse cursor. The game is a side scrolling experience, based on real-world crabbing where the player will use the net to scoop up bottom-feeding critters as it drags across the ocean floor in the time allowed. Bottom Feeders is intuitive, even for non-game players, with a clear cause-and-effect dynamic that allows the player to finesse their technique on each level. From the beginning, each level not only becomes progressively harder to play, but with a wide variety of objects to interact with, becomes more interesting - introducing a strategic element. Your goal is to gather as many critters as you can in the time allowed to gain the highest score. There is a wide variety of characters for the player to catch which are clearly distinguishable by shape and color and given a good deal of personality through facial expression and animation. Bottom Feeders is a family friendly game for any age and is very intuitive and addicting to play.

The idea came to Russ Phillips after years of fishing and crabbing in the local waters of Seattle, Washington. Applying this background with some kind of simple action to create a game was the hard part. At this point David Kern stepped in and started to prototype the idea and within weeks they had a working demo that they felt was the start of something big and formed a new company, nobodinos (pronounced "nobody knows"). The nobodinos team has been working on Bottom Feeders for approximately 6 months. The team consists of four veteran full time employees, with contract help from outside sources to create the music and help with level construction. They have taken Bottom Feeders from a prototype state to a full-fledged game including power-ups, boat modification, trophies and many new characters to catch or avoid.

David Kern and Russ Phillips started nobodinos soon after the closure of Zipper Interactive (June, 2012) – the creators of titles such as SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs, MAG, Mechwarrior3, Crimson Skies and Recoil. Both David and Russ worked at Zipper the majority of their careers as Tech Artist and Art Director, respectively. Their newly formed company, nobodinos, is focused on casual and mobile game development.