Breakroom Dominoes

Entrant 2021

Puthir Learning


A 3D domino world for children 5 and above. Dominoes are powerful tools for Mathematical Thinking and numeracy. They are also simple like Lego blocks in that they offer infinite possibilities to create joyful learning experiences.

The current release of Breakroom Dominoes includes one game (Cluck Cluck a slightly modified version of Chicken Foot dominoes) played with 3 Bot opponents. We are working on adding as many domino games as possible and make it multiplayer with social capabilities.

The pandemic has increased the screen time for most young children. However, most games are not suitable for young children. They have incentives and twitch based gameplay that is not good for younger children if played excessively. With Breakroom dominoes we intend to make the video game experience as close to the real life experience of playing Domino games with friends.