Bronto Blast

Entrant 2013

Studio B Flat Games


Bronto, an astronomy loving apatosaurus with a flatulence problem, discovers one night that a giant astroid is going to smash into his planet! With only a few days left, Bronto decides to collect all eggs from all the dinosaurs and put them in his conveniently existing Ark/Rocket Ship, fly to the very close neighboring planet and restart the dino populous there. Unfortunately he is the only dino with any brains; the rest just think he's stealing their eggs. Fight ol'T-Rex and Stegosaurus, watch out for the flying Pterodactyl, and remember to eat your cabbage! Your savior's journey will take you through jungles and caverns to deserts and tundra - all the way to space! Enjoy this dino-platformer and remember, its up to you to save the dinosaur species!!!