Bubble Rock

Student Entrant 2013

Funky Monkey


Mr Rock is the spirit of the Earth. He watches over the world in balance.
But his power is coveted by minerals avide power.
Help the spirit of the Earth to repel the attackers using the ability to make turn the world!

Bubble Rock is a puzzle game halfway between Tetris and Bubble Shooter.
Make sets of three bubbles of same color to destroy them and up y score.
But be careful! Don't let overwhelm by the enemy!
Unlock bonuses by to funky that you can collect money part.

Blow up the high scores, share your achievements online and figures on the top of world rankings.

-A judicious combination between Tetris and Bubble Shooter.
-Tribute to 8-bit musics and sounds.
-10 levels of speed.
-Various bonuses to enhance your gaming experience
-A unique gaming experience
-Fun graphics.
-Be careful! addictive game!