Bubblenauts - The Hunt For Jolly Roger's Treasure

Entrant 2014

Amity Games


Chart the Emerald seas, solve clever puzzles, and gather the treasure! Bubblenauts combines the universal appeal of match-3 mechanics with the intellectual challenge of ordered puzzles and resource management. In the game, you command a boat which winds its way across an island archipelago. You must clear each diving spot of the bubbles that block it by making groups of 3+ bubbles of the same color.

Each completed dive unlocks new exploration sites, and brings up treasure and pearls - which you can trade for game-changing power-ups. The first dives are simple to help you learn. As you advance, your planning and pattern-making skills will be tested to the limit by new geometries, a wilder mix of special bubbles, and by the wisdom with which you've spent your limited supply of pearls. Do you think you are good enough to collect the entire Jolly Roger's treasure? If yes, please don't let the boat leave without you!