Entrant 2017

Julian Laufer


Outbuddies is an innovative 16-bit style metroidvania with a dual-hero scheme and support for local Co-Op play. A lost scientist and a forgotten droid go on an epic journey to the cradle of mankind! Explore an immersive sunken world inspired by ancient Maya mythology and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft & Jules Verne!

Our main protagonist is John, a young adventurer and marine biologist. After a shipwreck, you wake up 36.000 feet under the sea in an unknown hostile cave system. You´re severely wounded and attached to an external life support droid called Buddy. Buddy can be controlled using your will to manipulate and scan your surroundings using a special symbol and emoji-based interface!

RETRONUKE.com: "...a game that lives up to the full potential of this genre for a new generation of gamers."