Buddy Beatdown

Entrant 2015

Basement Rat Studios LLC


Lay a beatdown on your friends! Buddy Beatdown, the 2D goofy action game is a cross between Fruit Ninja and your friends faces. Currently in development, Buddy Beatdown is slated for release later this year. Players can lay a beatdown to anyone they choose, while leveling up stats, earning awards, and unlocking destructive new attacks to perform on their Buddies. Upload faces and create custom characters to beat down at any time. Easily customize a character's body size, skin color, shirt, pants, shoes, gloves, headwear, and accessories. Unlock unique environments and lay a beat down on your buddies at the beach, club, or just in the backyard. Swipe your finger to slap your buddy in the face, body, or legs. Fill up the Power Meter to trigger slow motion combat. Unlock Bonus Attacks and watch your buddies get stomped by a massive boot, mauled by a ferocious bear, decapitated by an enchanted bunny, and much more. Upgrade your stats and earn extra cash by dealing more damage. Buddy Beatdown automatically captures in-game screenshots that may be shared over Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more. Beat up your buddies and share the photos for everyone to see. Beat up your friends, family, bosses, pets, or enemies; there are no limits on who you may beat down.