Entrant 2021



A digital playground where you can drag and drop images from your computer to plant flowers, grow vines, start fires and upload color into an expansive network of butterflowers! Uncover the memories of a past user as you explore the evolving space of the ecosystem and breathe new life from your files and interactions with the terrain.

'neueagent' is born from the videogame's lifecycle, a naïve artificial intelligence constructed from data collected through engagement with the principal mechanics, the room state and files added/removed. Through the language of videogames, neueagent resembles user profiles that are generated from data collection and surveillance malpractices online from behemoth corporations in the form of a customized avatar with variable stats. Environment design parallels the intoxicating, disorienting field of digitized color and noise, endless feedback loops and micro-interactions of the Internet that we consume. All interaction is recorded, serialized, mutated, cloned and used to inform a blurred, jarring version of ourselves that lives in data banks in far-away locales.

I have left that space but can see the phantom, serialized form there now - looped actions unfeeling, limiting - run infinite - between frames they are mutated then re-compiled — 60fps