Capture The Box

Entrant 2014



Capture The Box is a new and unique 2 Player board game experience. It is easy to play for everyone to play yet it has depth for various strategy that allow players who master it to win.

In the Classic game red player and blue player will compete to control the whole 5x5 board. Player in turn will place their box piece on the empty board tile and score, then the turn will be switched to the opponent player who will try to score point too by capturing empty board tile or to "Eat/ Convert" other player pieces into his color.

As the board filled up it will become harder and more crucial for all player to think and plan to win the game.Be careful as placed box tile cannot be moved or rotated.The game will end when the 5x5 is filled and player who have the most color on the board will win.

Capture The Box is a simple and easy yet hard to master approach in board gaming will provide players with endless hours of fun.