Cat Tsunami

Student Entrant 2015

Becker College, MIT, UMass Lowell, RISD, Hampshire College, Berklee College of Music
MassDiGI - Ryan Canuel, Lili Sun, Matt Metzger, Paige Coblentz, Aislynn Kilgore, Renzo G. Heredia


Cat Tsunami is an endless surfing Platformer game where you play as Kai the cat surfing on waves made of thousands of cats. Surf though 6 different unique levels each with there own enemy and power-up, and once you've beaten that you unlock our free-play mode which allows you to endlessly surf as far as you can to achieve a high score. Coming soon on both Android and iOS, Cat Tsunami is a student project by a group of students from various colleges gathered together in the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program to develop a game.