Catlateral Damage

Entrant 2015

Chris Chung


The original version of Catlateral Damage was created for the August 2013 7DFPS game jam. I wanted to experiment within the well understood, but often derivative, first-person viewpoint. I thought it would be fun to allow players to experience an unconventional perspective, and I chose cats as I grew up with them. In particular my childhood pet, Nippy, was the primary inspiration for the game: while cuddly and friendly he was also aloof and demanding, and loved to knock things off shelves.

Catlateral Damage marries the experience of being a cat with reserve Katamari Damacy gameplay - knock over as many objects as you can before your owner gets home and puts a stop to your rampage. Roguelike elements ensure that the game is different every time and that players gain new abilities as they play.