Chaos Reborn

Entrant 2016

Snapshot Games


Chaos Reborn is a fast-paced, turn-based, wizard combat game from the designer of the original X-COM games. It is a re-imagining of Julian Gollop's earlier cult classic 'Chaos' published for the ZX Spectrum in 1985 by Games Workshop. In order to be good at Chaos Reborn you need to be master of tactics, bluff and probabilities. Magic is a powerful and unstable force, and this is reflected in the game mechanics and the different ways to manipulate spells and creatures. Thus each battle is different and full of twists and turns.
There are various online multiplayer modes and league rankings based on monthly seasons. The game also features a 'Realm Quest' mode, adding a layer of strategy and role playing with player interaction. Players can create realms, invade other players' realms or request allies to fight powerful AI wizards.